Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Glass centerpieces, quote

So true!

For some reason, I've been thinking of Halloween lately.  Normally I'm not "into" halloween so much but this year - well here's some centerpieces I've done this past week:

 I cut off the top of the pumpkin when I took the photo - but you get the idea.  The centerpiece is made from glass bowls, plates and goblets.  The pumpkin was purchased at Hobby Lobby, and the leaves were some I had from last year.
 The witch was purchased at Gordmans Dept. store;  more glass bowls and plates.
                                                                                             I've revealed the third centerpiece before the decorations were added.  This one is made of glass plates, a glass vase, a glass bowl and a glass jar I had "saved".  The stuffed pumpkin and leaves were leftover decorations from last year.

Last, but not least is the glue I used to put them all together.    I purchased it at JoAnn's and it will glue almost anything - wood, glass, fabric, paper, etc.  I should purchase stock in the company before I recommended it because if you try it you will probably like it as much as I do.

btw, some of the vases, glasses and plates I already had, but the Goodwill store is a great place to find the clear glass plates, bowls, goblets, etc.  But don't buy them all, as I will want to make more of these.

Also, I didn't attach any of the decorations permanently as I will change the decorations around and on the centerpieces for each season.  I can't wait to put together some for Christmas.

They would make great gifts as well - I plan on taking one to my brother's house when we go for Thanksgiving dinner this year.  A nice host(est) gift wouldn't you say!

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