Friday, December 21, 2012



Not the end of the world yet, so time to keep living and enjoying life!  Thought this cartoon was cute.

As I grow older (which is not bad, when you consider the alternative), I have given thought to "stuff" that never occurred to me years ago.

One thought which I hope never happens is that I would be confined to a nursing home (or what ever the politically correct name - assisted living, etc.), what I would like people to know if for some reason I cannot communicate anymore.

As a child, I loved dolls and paper dolls.  My Mother apparently loved dolls as well because she always made sure I received lots of dolls for Christmas, birthdays, etc.   My uncle even made me a "doll closet" from an old TV cabinet one Christmas.  It was one of my all time favorite gifts.  It also qualified me for the "biggest" present that year.  My brother and I always seemed to take pleasure in receiving the "biggest" gift and he usually won, but that year won out with that doll closet.  As I grew older, my dolls disappeared and it became my shoe closet.  With shoes put in shoe boxes and nicely stacked within the closet.  Hmmm - now for the life of me, I don't know what happened to that closet.

Paper dolls were a pleasure to me as well.  I didn't play with them as much as I liked to cut them out.  Perhaps that pleasure led me to my love of rubber stamping and card making as well as quilting today. 

Back to my original thought:  I need to tell those I love that if for some reason I cannot communicate and you wonder what will make me happy.  Just buy me some scissors and keep me supplied with paper dolls to cut out.  I will neatly cut them out and put them in a box and be as happy as one can be in those circumstances.

As a reader of Pinterest I've been delighted to find lots of links to paper dolls which bring back those wonderful childhood memories.

Lucky Strike Paper DollThis is a paper doll I recently found on Pinterest.  I don't remember ever seeing this one.  It is called the "Lucky Strike doll".  I'm surprised I didn't have this one as both my parents were smokers.  Of course this could not be on the market today because of anti-smoking laws, which is a good thing.  But I found it interesting.

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