Monday, September 10, 2012

Challege, quote

 Morpheus: You have to let it all go,  Fear, doubt, and disbelief. Free your mind.

This weeks challenge from "The Diva"

Weekly Challenge #86 "Break Free!"

"A traditional Zentangle begins with dots, border, string - and often times, the string stays inside the border we drew, containing our work to the inside of our tiles.

I often find myself enamored with those tiles that seem to extend off the tile - and  sometimes i forget that one of the wonderful parts of learning the rules when it comes to art, is learning when and how to break them.

This week, the challenge is to break free of your border! To create a tile or ZIA where SOME element of your work goes beyond the border and stretches or expands out, free from constraints!!  "

Here's two that I drew for the challenge:


ledenzer said...

Two gorgeous flowing tangles!

Gloria said...

beautiful shading and feeling of movement. Google wouldn't let me access you through Diva, so I had to search for you on-line with your name!

Helen said...

both lovely!