Monday, March 26, 2012

Challenge 64 zentangle, quote

If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary.

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-Jim Rohn

The diva's challenge #64 is as follows:

Weekly Challenge #64: String Theory v. VIII "Fortuneteller"
So, as is the case with all the String Theory challenges, the challenge here is for everyone to use a common string in their work.  For this, i simply divided my tile into 4, then divided them again, through the diagonals, creating 8 special-right triangles. (Each triangle has a 90 degree and two 45 degree angles)

I called this challenge the Fortuneteller, because the string reminds me of those paper fortune teller i used to make as a kid. 

The one above is the first one I did -  too busy?  I really like the tangle pattern called "Ixorus" and this is the basic tangle I used on both these tiles.

 This is the 2nd one I did -  too simple?

This is the "string" described by The Diva.

btw, if you've only thought about checking out her site and haven't do so as yet, now's the time!

Like many others who follow her bog and take on her weekly challenge - I look forward to every Monday so I can take on the challenge.


Deb Ammerman said...

I think both of your tiles turned out great, my favorite is the 2nd one you posted. Fantastic job! :)

Susan said...

Nice! Really like your take on "Ixorus".

ledenzer said...

Wondrous movement and line work!

Joni said...

This challenge seemed to beg for a pinwheel like zentangle. Great job on both.

Ellen Wolters said...

Super and ixorus fits perfect!

Diana Hirsch said...

Pinwheel: ditto Joni. The first "busy" one has a fun flow to it, spin.

Sue J said...

I like the swirlyness :)

Karen Lynn said...

Both tangles are great. Ixorus is a perfect tangle for this challenge.

JaneD, CZT said...

I agree with all, Ixorus was a great choice and you handled it beautifully: I like both!